Art is interactive by nature.

Therefore the goal is not for my work to be locked inside its own vocabulary but one that reaches out visually, emotionally and intellectually. These paintings offer a sense of place; familiar in reference but inspiring and uplifting to the viewer in representation.

I decide when a painting is done when I sense that it gives. That's my responsibility. It has to give conceptually as well as visually.  One series of paintings are representations of external factors or what I see in a particular environment. That might encompass a geologic or geographic

image. While another series captures the majesty I find in human accomplishment.

In the latter series, I create a visual language to celebrate what others may disregard such as a commercial ship, a bridge, or a barge and translate it into something that is a visual statement and to me, a visual fact. In the tradition of Abstract Art, I am interested in investing forms with meanings that relate to our human experience. The painting seen here in the photo at a client's home is titled, Ship's Hull. There's an orchestration of color palette, spacial nuance and the intentional treatment of the canvas that reflect the integrity of the subject while transforming it from its utilitarian function.  Wrapped In a modern context, the industrial object is elevated.  

No doubt it was my many years working alongside and in the massive ships docked at the North River waterfront, Pier92 of Manhattan, New York that provoked the concept that elements of these common functioning everyday things can be represented and transformed into a work of art. When you see these ships as I did, the scale turns from being a boat on the water to a monolith. The ability to float becomes all the more astounding.

The natural world, what we often refer to as the environment, is structural at its core. This structure is what allows us to live, providing the seeds for the physics of good design and life. So whether the painting is about the industrial world or the natural world, my intent is that it gives a sense of somewhere; a view of the world that one would actually like to be and an appreciative perspective of the often overlooked that exists sometimes just beside us.